Tome of Pacts: A Compendium of Warlocks and their Otherworldly Patrons
A manual-esque for-profit zine exploring the pacts they form.


About the project

"Tome of Pacts: A Compendium of Warlocks and their Otherworldly Patrons", a manual-esque zine about patrons, their warlocks, and the lore surrounding them!Tome of Pacts is a for-profit fanzine that explores new types of patrons and their respective warlocks. We are looking for SFW works from a variety of visual artists and writers, with a shared passion for fantastical beings. Artists and writers will tightly collaborate in order to produce cohesive new patrons with their correspondent warlocks!It is important to note that this zine does NOT exclusively include nor intends to focus on a Dungeons & Dragons approach to the warlocks and patrons topic. We are looking for a diverse array of new and original patrons from various archetypes, as well as for a number of warlocks at their service who are just as original and diverse as them.For more information, please check our Content Guidelines & General Information and our Application Guide documents.


  • 16.5x24cm, full-color SFW art zine, 300dpi (A template will be provided).

  • Perfect bound, with around 50+ pages.

  • Accompanied with physical merchandise and digital downloads.


This is a for-profit zine. Revenue will be used for zine production and shipment costs, after which the remaining profits will be divided evenly between all contributors. As a baseline, all contributors will be entitled to receive a free physical copy of the zine.


Interest Check Opens30/Sept
Graphic Designer Applications Open30/Sept
Interest Check Close30/Oct
Graphic Designer Applications Close30/Oct
Artist Applications Open2/Jan
Artist Applications Close6/Feb
Acceptance Emails20/Feb
Creation Period Begins20/Feb
First Check-In20/Mar
Second Check-In10/Apr
Third Check-In24/Apr
Final submission24/May
Preorders Open7/Oct
Preorders Close21/Nov
ShipmentWinter 2023
Leftover SalesSpring 2023



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What is a zine?
A zine is a self-published print-work that is typically produced in small, limited batches.
Is this a D&D zine?
This is NOT a D&D zine. We are trying to take a step further and distance this zine from the D&D conception and representation of warlocks and patrons. Even if we wanted to, we wouldn't be able to label this as D&D content because of legal reasons. However, we want the contents of this zine to be open enough for you to be able to use them in any TTRPG you want, D&D included.
How can I apply?
Applications will open in due time (check our schedule)! Please, be sure to also check our Application Guide and Content Guidelines & General Information documents.
Are we allowed to use pre-existing designs?
We are looking for strictly original characters, the creature/warlock you create must be completely new and made for the zine.
Is this zine SFW?
Yes, this is an SFW zine. That being said, mild gore & body horror will be allowed, this not being the case with artistic nudity, which is forbidden.
Will minors be allowed to participate in this zine?
No, they will not. Since the zine will provide monetary compensation, candidates must be 18 years old or above. However, if you are 18 by the time the preorders close, your situation can be discussed! Please contact the mods in that case.
Do I need previous zine experience?
No, previous zine experience isn’t required.
Is this project international?
Yes, it is! It doesn't matter where you live, you can certainly apply to be part of this zine.
Where is this zine based?
The mod in charge of shipping resides in Valencia, Spain, so that’s where the shipments will come from. Shipping schedule might vary depending on local holiday season and Covid-19 situation, but the schedule itself will be planned ahead taking in consideration both of these variables.
Will you ship to [country]?
We intend to ship worldwide, as there shouldn’t be issues being based in Spain. However, we will most likely open an Etsy for UK buyers as it will be the easiest way for handling said orders exclusively (taxation and overall paperwork for UK orders have been difficult to deal with since Brexit). We might as well open Etsy preorders for Australia too, since postal regulations might experience some changes due to Covid-19 status.